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Workbench is a standards compliant solution for performing omics data analysis in your own environment.

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Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services workflow
Google Cloud workflow

Simplify your data analysis workflows

Workbench makes it easy for you to run industry standard workflows on your data. Choose from over a thousand community developed pipelines, or create and run your own.

Workflow run times

Compute on data in your own environment

Workbench connects to engines that live in your own environment, either on premises or in the cloud. Data stays under your control or that of the controlling data steward at all times.

Analyze a large and growing universe of data

Using Workbench, you can analyze data from large and growing, global federated networks in neuroscience, viral disease, oncology, rare, and infectious disease.

The Dataverse
Workbench works with Pacbio, Oxford Nanopore and Illumina

Unify your analysis across sequencing instruments

Workbench can be used to process data from any sequencer, with a streamlined experience for running meticulously developed and tested pipelines for multiple instruments.

Automate your analysis with programmatic tools

Workbench comes with command line tools that you can use to programmatically submit runs. Automate your analysis by responding to events, like new samples coming off a sequencer.

Programmatic Tools
Workbench dashboard

Keep tabs on large jobs from the dashboard

Workbench gives you a visual dashboard for your analyses, showing critical metrics like successes and run times. Search, filter, and manage large batches of runs using tags.

Drive new discoveries with federated learning

Use Workbench to train AI / ML models across federated networks powered by Publisher and Explorer. With federated learning, you can unlock insights from larger and more diverse datasets than ever before, without moving them.

Federation at scale
Zero margins

Save on costs with no margins or license fees

Workbench is free. You pay clouds directly for storage, compute, and networking you consume, with zero margins.

Enterprise implementation of open standards

Omics AI is built by global leaders in open science and interoperability. It implements open standards created by the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health (GA4GH) and other internationally recognized standards bodies.

Global Alliance for Genomics & Health

Privacy and security by design

Omics AI was built with security and privacy by design to help you be compliant with international privacy standards and regulations.

General Data Protection Regulation (Europe)
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

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