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Explorer is a beautiful, brandable portal that makes it easy to find, access, and analyze data within and across organizations.

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A beautiful, branded, standards compliant portal for your data

Increase the impact of your data by making it easier for scientists to work with. With Explorer, you can have a beautiful, branded, standards compliant data portal with a custom URL, hero image, mission statement, colour scheme, and data.

White label data portal

Harmonize your data science experience

Explorer harmonizes the experience of discovering, querying, and analyzing many datasets at once. With Explorer, every dataset is made accessible through the same user interface and APIs, all in compliance with internationally recognized open standards by the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health.

Network data within and across organizations

Use Explorer to create a portal for data within your organization, or to network data across multiple organizations. Each organization in the network maintains control of its own data through Publisher.

New access request

Streamline data access requests

Explorer helps scientists discover controlled datasets and apply for access. These requests are sent by email to data stewards who, after review, can grant access through Publisher.

Power all your analyses with one data platform

Data published to Explorer can be analyzed in any downstream application. Explorer integrates with applications like Workbench for bioinformatics processing, Jupyter Notebooks for interactive visualizations, TensorFlow for machine learning, and integrate.ai for federated learning.

data platform

Drive new discoveries with federated learning

Combine Explorer with Workbench to train AI / ML models across federated networks. With federated learning, you can unlock insights from larger and more diverse datasets than ever before, without moving them.


Join our global networks

Register your data on one of our specialty specific networks powered by Explorer

Viral AI

A global network for genomic surveillance and infectious disease research

Neuroscience AI

A global network for neuroscience research

Rare Disease AI

A global network for rare disease research

Biomedical AI

A global network for biomedical research
Oncology AI

Oncology AI

Coming Soon
A global network for cancer research

Enterprise implementation of open standards

Omics AI is built by global leaders in open science and interoperability. It implements open standards created by the Global Alliance for Genomics & Health (GA4GH) and other internationally recognized standards bodies.

Global Alliance for Genomics & Health

Privacy and security by design

Omics AI was built with security and privacy by design to help you be compliant with international privacy standards and regulations.

General Data Protection Regulation (Europe)
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

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